Mrs. Angelica Pugliese


Role:  Vice-Principal 


Mrs. Angelica Pugliese  received her Master of Arts in Education and teaching credential from Pepperdine University. She also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and worked in the field of Measurements & Psychometrics.   She currently holds a California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential K-12 with an English Learner Authorization (ELA), a Child Development Supervisor Permit, and is certified by The Gesell Institute of Human Development.

"I have always been amazed about the process of human learning and behavior. While I was at school, I was particularly drawn to cognition and learning.  Shortly after graduating, I worked corporate in research and analytics.  Perhaps it was my training in research and analytics, combined with my education relating to human cognition that lead me to pursue a career in education.  I was drawn to process that is involved in the way we learn and behave, so became a teacher.  The rewards of teaching take place when I am able to help a student unlock his/her own learning patterns." 

 "I am excited about the direction St. Cyril is moving towards. Since my first year in 2012, there has been a tremendous amount of development and I foresee more in the future.  I enjoy interacting with the kids and being part of their lives.  I am here to support the students and their families as they navigate through their pre-school, elementary and junior high years."

Mrs. Pugliese is mom to two golfing kids, wife to a golf-pro husband and owner of a pet rabbit named Skunk.  She loves the outdoors, enjoys day trips and car rides with her family.

Angelica Punzalan-Pugliese, M.A. Ed

  • California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential K-12
  • English Language Authorization (ELA)
  • Child Development Supervisor Permit
  • Gesell Institute of Human Development