Mr. Norris' Class Page

Grade: Seventh
Class Color: Brown


Mr. Norris has been in Education for close to 20 years in both public and Catholic school learning environments. Mr. Norris has experiences with many grade levels and is dedicated to helping all students understand topics and enriching lives. His passion for science and hands-on-learning has led Mr. Norris to experience amazing adventures around the world. He has a strong background in Marine Biology and Environmental Sciences and once was in charge of growing thousands of jellyfish while living in Florida. Mr. Norris brings the ocean into the classroom with tanks where students can see tropical fish and even corals!

Mr. Norris has a Bachelor of Science degree in Education Communication as well as a Master’s from the School of Life Sciences at Arizona State University. He is also completing his second Master’s along with a PhD in Biomimicry; a Science focused on using Nature’s designs to help people live in a better world. Mr. Norris is excited to work with the community at St. Cyril and show students the amazing world of science through interactive experiences and super-fun learning!

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