Mrs. Cohen's Class Page

Class Rules & Expectations

Mrs. Cohen joined St. Cyril of Jerusalem School in 2012  teaching Junior High math, 7th Grade World History and serving as as the 7th Grade homeroom teacher.    

  1. Class begins at the sound of the bell.  If you arrive after the bell you will be marked tardy.
  2. Arrive in class on time with all needed materials and ready to learn.  Take your assigned seat immediately.  Give your best possible effort every day.  Be a responsible student.  Learning is fun!  Show respect at all times towards yourselves, others, and staff.
  3. Take your homework out immediately to be checked and begin working on your “classroom warm up exercise” if one is posted on the board.
  4. Participate in class activities, learning and group discussions.  Class participation is part of your learning process and your grade.
  5. Listen carefully for directions and information.  Raise your hand to answer a question.  I will acknowledge everyone who has a question or comment and there will always be time for questions and answers.  Side conversations during class disrupts the learning environment.
  6. Follow directions the first time.  If you do not follow directions or respect the rules you are choosing to receive a consequence for your actions.
  7. No food, gum, candy, sunflower seeds, etc. are allowed in the classroom, they are considered a distraction.  Only plastic water bottles may be brought into class at any time.
  8. All electronic devices such as phones and games MUST be turned OFF (not on silent or vibrate) and put away during class.  Non-educational materials/devices are a distraction to learning and will be held by the teacher until a parent comes in to get them.
  9. iPad applications and websites will be used in class to accompany lessons.  Student’s MUST be on the teacher instructed app or website during class time and are not permitted to search or play on any other site during the class period.   If you are found using a different site or app during class instruction you are choosing to receive a consequence for your actions.
  10. Students are to be on task AT ALL TIMES and complete and turn in all work on time.  If you complete an assignment early you made review subject content or work on an approved app on your iPad until further direction is given.  A silent reading book should always be with you.
  11. Remain in your assigned seat throughout class unless turning in work or following directions given by the teacher.  Please dispose of all trash before or after instruction.  When dismissed students are responsible for pushing in their chairs and cleaning any trash in their area whether it is theirs or not.
  12. Students should use the restroom before and after class.  Leaving the class during instruction is disruptive to everyone.  Permission to use the restroom during class will be given only for emergencies.
  13. Classroom rules, procedures, deadlines and other expectations are meant for ALL students and are not selectively enforced.  If you don’t understand something or if you cannot meet a due date, see Mrs. Cohen as soon as possible (BEFORE the due date has passed)
  14. All St. Cyril school rules, rules set by other teachers, Mrs. Cohen’s rules, and rules of common sense apply in this classroom.


Failure to follow classroom rules, school rules, or rules of common courtesy will result in disciplinary action.  Mrs. Cohen will follow the school-wide discipline plan.  Parents will be contacted and referrals to administration will be used if behavior problems persist.  Detention is given at the discretion of Mrs. Cohen for any student who fails to follow the classroom rules.

Emails will be sent to parents about poor classroom behavior.

Any student who fails to turn in an assignment on time, without prior discussion with Mrs. Cohen, will automatically drop a grade on that assignment.  NO EXCEPTIONS. 

Grading/ Preparation of Assignments

  1. ·A letter grade, a check mark () or a number indicating points earned will appear at the top of properly completed work when it is returned.  Work is expected to be completed in an acceptable manner (neat, legible, directions followed, etc.)  All math computations should be completed in pencil and all written work may be completed in either blue or black ink.  Partial credit will be given at Mrs. Cohen’s discretion when answers are incorrect but full computations are shown.
  2. A check mark  () or stamp on an assignment or activity means that it has been checked for completion, but has not been corrected (answers have not been evaluated as right or wrong).  Points are based on how much of the assignment has been completed.  Final grades are based on total amount of points earned out of total amount of points possible at the end of each term.  Total number of points will vary from term to term.
  3. Points on assignments will vary, depending on the length and type of assignment, quiz or test.
  4. When evaluated work has been returned to you, keep it in your folder until all testing related to that work has been completed.  Then, keep work at home in case questions arise related to scores and for studying for unit exams.
  5. Each assignment must have a full heading, with no abbreviations.  The following heading should appear at the top of all work (unless directed otherwise) 
    Month, Day, Year            
    First and last name                                                                     Social Studies (or Math) – Unit name

Important Assignment Information

  1. CLASSWORK/HOMEWORK – Some homework assignments and projects are started in class.  Work not finished during class time should be taken home and completed.  Unfinished class work is homework.  Homework is due as soon as you enter the classroom for instruction on the following day unless otherwise directed.  If there are special circumstances related to the work not being completed on time, students or parents/guardians should contact Mrs. Cohen when the work is due.
  2. LATE WORK is work turned in after the due date/time without a valid reason for being late.  Late work is marked down accordingly for each day it is late.  This includes work turned in after an unexcused absence.  Make sure your work is completed and turned in on time.
  3. MAKE-UP WORK is work turned in after the due date because of an excused absence.  Students who know they will be absent for other reasons should see Mrs. Cohen in advance of the absence in order to get and complete the work by the due date.  Completion of make-up work is the responsibility of the student.  Make up work must be completed and turned in within three days of returning to school unless other arrangements have been made with Mrs. Cohen.
  4. ACADEMIC DISHONESTY  - All students are expected to do their best and their own work at all times.  Be aware that any time a student is found copying work from another student, or has turned in work that has been copied, BOTH the student who copied the work AND the student who provided the work to copy will earn a zero on the assignment, with no possibility of doing it over for credit.  Work copied directly from a reference book, computer source, or other media (without proper documentation) will also earn no credit.  Consequences may also include a conference with the principal.
  5. Limited extra credit work may be available throughout the year.  Extra credit work is entirely at the discretion of Mrs. Cohen.  Take advantage of extra credit work when it is available.  Mrs. Cohen does not create extra credit assignments for individual students.  Extra credit assignments are determined by Mrs. Cohen, and are relevant to the standards we are studying at the time it is assigned.  Extra credit work is not designed to replace other work.  Students who earn good grades in this class do so mainly by correctly completing all the required work on time.
  6. Quiz and test dates will be given with as much advanced notice as possible.  If students are up to date with their learning and assignments, quizzes/tests should not be an issue.  There will be review time in class prior to each unit exam.
  7. If there are EVER any questions or concerns on a class assignment or test, please speak directly with Mrs. Cohen for clarifications or guidance.   I am here to help the students grow, learn and achieve all of their academic goals.


  • 2 rulers:
  • 12 12 inch stiff ruler (inches and centimeters) to be left at home 
  • 6 6 inch stiff ruler (inches and centimeters) to be kept at school
  • Graph paper notebook, perforated, NOT LOOSE-LEAF
  • Compass with ability to tighten
  • Protractor
  • Plastic pencil box labeled with name (pencils, eraser, protractor, compass, and 6 inch ruler will be kept in box and remain at school)