California Junior Scholarship Federation

Founded in 1967, the California Junior Scholarship Federation (CJSF) is part of the California Scholarship Federation (CSF), the oldest scholarship institution in the state of California.  CJSF emphasizes high standards of scholarship and community service for California junior high school students. 

Adviser:  Mrs. Eva Cohen
Phone:  (818) 501-4155


Qualifications: A student must qualify each trimester and earn TWICE the number of points as courses in the following subjects:  Math, Science, Social Studies, Religion, English, and Literature.  Vocabulary, Music, Spanish, Art, and Physical Education do not receive points; however, a student is disqualified from membership if he/she receives a D or F in any of these subjects for the given trimester.  No points are earned for a remedial or repeated course.                    

Points:  CJSF points are granted as follows:                                                                                                              

  • A = 3 points  
  • B = 1 point  
  • C = 0 point  
  • D/F = in any course shall disqualify the student from membership for the trimester                                        

Application:  All eligible 7th and 8th graders are encouraged to apply.  A student must submit an application for each trimester he/she is eligible. The membership application period for St. Cyril students will be within the first 10 school days following a report card distribution day. For the Spring Trimester, this will include the first 10 school days of the following school year.  Under no circumstances may retroactive membership be granted to a student who has failed to submit his/her application for membership at the proper time.                                                        

Membership:  Membership is based on work done in the previous trimester in which qualifying grades were earned.  Students are acknowledged for their efforts during a morning assembly.


Honor membership is awarded to those students who earn membership for two trimesters in the seventh grade and two trimesters in the eighth grade. Honor members will receive an official Honor Membership pin and certificate at graduation and an official gold CJSF seal is affixed to their diploma. Honor Membership shall be indicated on the cumulative record which is sent to the students’ high school. 

The Membership Application is available below. It must be printed out, completed by the student and submitted to Mrs. Cohen within the application period.

Click here to download the CJSF Form