Contact: Mrs. Monika Halverson, Swim Team Coordinator

Email: mezakowski@yahoo.com

Swim Meets:  St. Cyril School Swim Team competes in the San Fernando Valley Catholic Swim League (SFVCSL).  The divisions are grouped by age.  

Click here to get the team results on your iPhone or Android device. Search for the keyword "2014 SFVCSL", select "Teams", then "St. Cyril".

Swim Meet Schedule:   There are four (4) swim meets held on Sundays from September through November at the San Fernando Regional Pool in San Fernando, CA. Meet start at 9:00 a.m. 

Grade Levels:  Kindergarten through 8th Grades - Click Here to Register

St. Cyril Swim Team Fee:  $20 per season/per athlete

Swim Meet Fees: There will be an entry fee and pool surcharge for each swim meet.

Practice Schedule:  Swimmers practice under the *CCAT Swim Club at Pierce College Pool.  There is a monthly fee.                                          

Please note that Swim Meet entry form must be turned into the School Office.

Code of Conduct:  SFVCSL Code of Conduct Form

CCAT Swimming:   http://www.ccatswimming.com/Home.jsp?team=scccat