Student Council

Dear Fellow Students,

We hope you all had a fantastic summer filled with fun times, laughter, and relaxation! Now it’s time to start the new school year. 

Welcome to the new Student Council webpage where we will be keeping you updated throughout the year.  We hope you like it!

Over the summer, Student Council has been brainstorming new ideas and planning exciting events. We are sure that this year will bring optimism and renewed spirit to our school. Here’s a sneak peak of what we have in store for you:

  • August 26th –  Welcome Back!
  • September 3rd – Introducing . . . ”Find the Trojan” and “Spirit Meter”
  • September 13th – Junior High Back-To-School Dance
  • September 20th –  First Annual St. Cyril Trojan Games
  • Lots more to follow!

We look forward to hearing all of your ideas and suggestions that will help make the 2017-2018 School Year at St. Cyril’s be the best that it can be!


Your Student Council



2017-2018 Student Council


President – Evelyn B.
Vice President – Matthew M.
Secretary – Nikola M. & Jack T. 
Treasurer – Gunnar S.
Calendar Representative – Benjamin V. L.
Environmental Affairs – Kameron M.
Family Coordinator – Helena H.
Historian – Zain A.
Publicity – Benjamin V.
Religious Affairs – Sophia R.
Spirit – Bridget N. & Abby R.